Prince MononokeOogie Boogie Glows

"Just as the waterfall, while scary, releases us, so too shall the feeling of panic. Go with the flow."

Troy (aka: "KingDingbat") and Ray (aka: "Dirty Peanut") have only been a cosplay team since 2013, but have been life partners (now married) since 2002. Always living the geeky life, they discovered cosplay through a love of Halloween and general geekery. Both Ray and Troy hail from the video game industry, having worked together on games like Asheron's Call, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Trek Online. Troy left the game industry to persue other forms of entertainment work in 2009, including producing the BloodMoon Faire. Ray now works for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on game titles like the Batman Arkham series, Mortal Combat, Shadow of Mordor and more.

Ray's cosplay interests center around anime, conceptualizing and sewing, while Troy is a big fan of Disney villains, and is the fabricator and photographer, making them a great team to work together.

They live together in Los Angeles with their dogs.

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